FITNESS Award Show Exercise Challenge

FITNESS Award Show Exercise Challenge

Awards show Exercise season is upon us, which means three things: beautiful red carpet-dresses, lots of thanking the Academy, and, for the rest of us at home, sitting on the couch. That last part is about to change. Do this challenge with your friends to add another element of fun and fitness—to awards' night
  • When someone cries... Do 5 jump squats
  • When the host (inevitably) cracks a corny joke... Hold aplank for 1 minute (or as long as you can!)
  • When your favorite actor/singer/movie/song wins... Jump up and down in joy for 10 seconds
  • When a red carpet reporter asks, "Who are you wearing?"... Do 7 jumping jacks
  • When someone thanks his or her family... Do 4 pushups
  • When someone's speech is so long they turn on the music to get them off stage... Do 3 burpees

  • When you see a tuxedo... Take a sip of water! (You didn't think we'd do that to you, do you?)

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